Make Your TV Smarter

Make any TV smarter and connect to hundreds of movie and music services on the Internet with Celeste Media.

Then there’s catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer and Demand 5, your favourite games like Angry birds, online shopping apps, news apps and in fact any app you currently use on your Android phone or tablet – it’s just like putting your tablet on your TV.


With Total Control

The comprehensive remote makes Celeste Media as easy and intuitive to control as a tablet. You get full media playback plus an air mouse for easy point and click and a QWERTY keyboard for typing – all laid out in a clear and functional way.

So you get access to the same apps and functionality you would on any Android tablet in a way that’s instantly shared in high definition with everyone around you.

And Content To Die For…

There’s an amazing wealth of music and video content available online – movie services like Lovefilm and Netflix, music services like Spotify and catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer.

And Celeste Media can access 99% of all this content because Celeste Media is powered by Android – so if there’s an Android App for it in Google Play then you can use it.

Play Games and Get Social

Tablets are great for gameplay, but if you have friends, using Celeste Media with your TV is way more engaging. And for the friends that can’t come out to play right now, stay in touch from the sofa on Facebook, Twitter or Email.

And natural video chat for all the family finally comes of age when you combine Celeste Media with the Skype app and our high quality webcam (available from our accessory store).

Even From Your Bedroom

And why stop at your living room when it makes just as much sense to get the amazing entertainment and connectivity benefits of Celeste Media in your bedroom – or even the kids bedrooms.

Our optional 24” flat screen monitor plus rechargeable Bluetooth speaker provide simply the best in unobtrusive audio and video quality.

Go Shopping, Stay Secure – the Only Limit Is Your Imagination

When you have a Celeste Media, you’ll be amazed at how so many things are so much easier from the comfort of your sofa.

Fire up your grocery store app and do the weekly shop. Browse eBay for your next bargain. Wire in up to four security cameras (available from our accessory store) and keep an eye on the most precious things in your life. There is no limit to what you can do…