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Stunning Display

With Celeste Iris, you get a vibrant high definition picture that’s up to 120 inches in size – provided you can find a wall big enough!
So regular fun times like watching the match with your mates, gaming with the kids or taking in an action movie with the whole family are transformed into unforgettable shared experiences that last a lifetime.

In your lounge, bedroom, kitchen or anywhere there’s a wall…

Celeste Iris is incredibly small and robust, uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology and produces an amazingly bright image.
So, you can take it anywhere you go to relax and get great looking 2/3D movies, awesome gaming experiences and immersive sound all streamed from the Internet to wherever you happen to be.

Shared With Total Control

Iris comes with a comprehensive remote that makes it as easy and intuitive to control as a tablet. You get normal media playback options plus an air mouse for easy point and click and a full Qwerty keyboard for when you need to type – all laid out in a clear and functional way.
So you get access to the same apps and functionality you would on any Android tablet in a way that’s instantly shared in high definition with everyone around you.

Access Streamed Audio and Video

There’s an amazing wealth of music and video content available online – movie services like Lovefilm and Netflix, music services like Spotify and catch up TV services like BBC iPlayer.
And Celeste Iris can access 99% of all this content because Celeste Iris is powered by Android – so if there’s an Android App for it in Google Play then you can use it.

Play Games and Get Social

With 120 inches of screen estate that’s plenty of room for great gameplay. But for the friends that can’t come out to play right now, stay in touch from the sofa on Facebook, Twitter or Email.
And natural video chat for all the family finally comes of age when you combine Celeste Iris with the Skype app and our high quality webcam (available from our accessory store).

Go Shopping, Stay Secure, The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

When you have an Celeste Iris, you’ll be amazed at how so many things are so much easier from the comfort of your sofa.
Fire up your grocery store app and do the weekly shop. Browse eBay for your next bargain. Wire in up to four security cameras (available from our accessory store) and keep an eye on the most precious things in your life. There is no limit to what you can do…




Dual Core 1.6




1GB Built In, 2-32GB Flash Memory Optional

Operating System

Android 4.1.1



Net Weight




2 x 2.0


12V/3A Power Supply Included

Video In


Video Out

VGA 15 pin D

Audio In


Audio Out

Stereo 3.5mm Jack



8m Operational Range

Wi Fi

IEEE802.11 b/g/n, 2.4G




Display Module


Luminous Flux

460 ANSI Lumens

LED Lifetime

25000 Hours


WXGA (1290 x 800)

Contrast Ratio


Colour Temperature


Colour Area


Image Size

15-150 Inch

Projection Ratio

1.19:1 (1M@38inch)

Trapezoidal Correction

Auto Identify

Off Axis

100% Offset


Active 3D



MP3, MPEG Audio, WMA 7/8/10 Pro, Vorbis, PCM, QGG, WAV, AAC, AC3, DTS, G.711, G.729AB, ADPCM, PLAC


H.264(1080P), Real Video (1080P), Divx 4/5/6(1080P), Xvid(1080P),VP6(CIF), VC1(1080P), MPEG-2(1080P), WMV7/8(SD), AVS(SD), Divx3(720P)


Captivating Sound Wherever You Go

Our stylish, portable and rechargeable Bluetooth speakers give you truly amazing sound quality without wires. So, wherever you watch Celeste Media, you’ll be truly captivated by the experience.

And there’s a 3.5mm audio out connection to link with your existing sound system and provide the ultimate in stealth home cinema experience.

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With Immersive 3D Visuals

Experience the immersion and excitement of 3D movies with Celeste Media. The great news is it all works fine on your existing TV screen so there’s no need to upgrade!

Our 3D glasses compliment Celeste Media perfectly and ensure you the most compelling and vivid 3D experience possible.

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For When TV Still Matters

The Internet is just great but nothing beats the excitement of live sport, and the best way to watch live sport reliably is on the TV – assuming you can’t get tickets to be there in person!

The Celeste Media TV Module puts live terrestrial TV on your wall so you can get all the excitement of live sport, or just the next episode of our favourite soap.

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For When You’re Apart

Skype on your laptop or tablet is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones but it’s only when those special people are really in the room that you feel like a family.

Celeste Media puts them in the room by putting them on your TV and not on your tablet, phone or laptop. Video chats with friends and family using our high quality webcam with built in microphone become the most natural and intuitive pastime in the world.

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And For Protecting the Things You Value Most

It’s only natural to want to keep an eye on everything that’s most precious to you – so, you can add up to four of our high quality wireless networked security cameras to Celeste Media to create a centralized monitoring system letting you keep an eye on your pool room, your trophy collection, your garage or perhaps something even more important…

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