hideous boxWe’ve been designing and manufacturing PCTV solutions for over 20 years now. Our retail products provide the best quality PCTV solutions on the market, but we can also offer a number of products and services for system builders, OEMs and consumer electronics manufacturers.

We offer a range of software components for licence and turnkey products are available for immediate manufacture. The BlackGold design services provide an understanding of your requirements and produce high performance, timely, cost effective, quality, bespoke solutions that meet your requirements and fulfil the needs of the market. The package options include:

  • Consultancy
  • Product design from your initial concepts or detailed specification
  • Full Project Plans
  • CAD design, BOM preparation, Component procurement, Product prototyping, National and International approvals
  • Production engineering, Surface Mount XY coordinates, Production test plan, Product manufacture
  • Provision of a full manufacturing pack for third party production
  • Sales and Marketing literature

Please contact sales sales@blackgold.tv or our main office for further details.

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