Captivating Sound Wherever You Go

Our stylish, portable and rechargeable Bluetooth speakers give you truly amazing sound quality without wires. So, wherever you watch Celeste Media, you’ll be truly captivated by the experience.

And there’s a 3.5mm audio out connection to link with your existing sound system and provide the ultimate in stealth home cinema experience.

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With Immersive 3D Visuals

Experience the immersion and excitement of 3D movies with Celeste Media. The great news is it all works fine on your existing TV screen so there’s no need to upgrade!

Our 3D glasses compliment Celeste Media perfectly and ensure you the most compelling and vivid 3D experience possible.

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For When TV Still Matters

The Internet is just great but nothing beats the excitement of live sport, and the best way to watch live sport reliably is on the TV – assuming you can’t get tickets to be there in person!

The Celeste Media TV Module puts live terrestrial TV on your wall so you can get all the excitement of live sport, or just the next episode of our favourite soap.

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For When You’re Apart

Skype on your laptop or tablet is a great way to keep in touch with loved ones but it’s only when those special people are really in the room that you feel like a family.

Celeste Media puts them in the room by putting them on your TV and not on your tablet, phone or laptop. Video chats with friends and family using our high quality webcam with built in microphone become the most natural and intuitive pastime in the world.

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And For Protecting the Things You Value Most

It’s only natural to want to keep an eye on everything that’s most precious to you – so, you can add up to four of our high quality wireless networked security cameras to Celeste Media to create a centralized monitoring system letting you keep an eye on your pool room, your trophy collection, your garage or perhaps something even more important…

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