Make any TV Smart with this wonderful little box. Get movies, music, TV programs, games and more streamed directly from the Internet.

Use the amazing remote to shop, communicate, monitor and socialise from your armchair. It’s like a tablet on your TV.

Celeste Smart TV Box


Get a vibrant 120” HD Picture in your living room, bedroom or even kitchen without fuss.

Iris combines the entertainment and social functionality of Celeste with a mini-projector to deliver one of the coolest little boxes you’ve ever seen.

Iris Smart Projector


A smartphone with a 40” screen.

Harmony provides all the functionality and design you’d expect from a latest generation Android phone and incorporates a projector to deliver the absolute last word in sharing.

Harmony Projector Phone


Get Digital TV on your computer – in the kids’ den, in bedrooms, or on the move.

One touch, multi-channel recording and timeshifting with the highest quality PCTV solutions on the market.

PCTV products


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